Zodiac Alive - iPhone App

Zodiac Alive! is an iPhone App for learning the characters of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Each lesson includes a movie about the the character, an animation showing how to write the character, and a morph displaying the changes of the character through time.  Our multimedia approach helps students learn through logic, reasoning, and intuition.

Universe i-Phone appUniverse is an iPhone App for learning twelve Chinese characters organized around the universe and universal principles: sky-天,  up-上,down-下,日 -sun,月-moon, 白-white, 东- east,南-south,  西-west,北-north,中-center,  and 正-correct. Many of the characters use the sky and horizon as references. Five of the characters relate to the four cardinal directions and the center. This App was created especially for the iPad, with more graphical material and higher resolutions.

Body - iPhone App

Body Alive is an iPhone App for learning twelve Chinese characters organized around the principles of the body: right-hand (also)-又, stop-止, self-自, ear-耳, eye-目, hand-手, to have- 有, heart-心, mouth-口, to see-见, to sing-唱, teeth-牙. You will discover that many of the characters in this set are organized around the body. The body is essential for us to see, feel, and speak.

Universe - iPhone App

Ox Alive is a free lesson for the iPhone in celebration of the Year of the Ox. Our teaching method uses videos and animations to help you learn Chinese characters through interfaces that awaken logic, reasoning, and intuition. In this sample lesson, you will discover a video about the evolution of Chinese character for “ox,” learn how to write the standard character stroke-by-stroke, and view a morph that shows various forms of the character changing through time.

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